Our dreams, motivations and beliefs
connect and entwine us


I dream of creating portraits of women who have their history etched in their faces, compelling the viewer to stop in awe and maybe hold their breath for a second. Fragile and beautiful, my portraits of women would show that although life is grubby it is also wonderful - we are all broken and gorgeous. I want my paintings to be a reminder that we are all going through the same kind of struggles, and if one of us can be triumphant, we all can!

My motivation to paint women comes from a crazy desire to do the thing I find most challenging. I become immersed in the process, lose myself, and discover something new about myself and my world. I recently discovered that failing regularly makes me want to paint more. I think they call that stubbornness!

Every painting is a reflection of my story, some part of my life. In a way, it is every woman’s story: any woman who has had to struggle, to look in the mirror and put lipstick on through the tears and say to herself, ‘Come on, girl, you can do this!’ I feel that my paintings (not all but most) show that struggle.

I believe that we should not judge each other by the colour of our skin, the shape of our hips, our hair, outward appearance or the clothes we wear. That kindness is a lifestyle and that creativity and friendships are the two things that make my day brighter.

What two things make your day brighter?

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