Hello and Welcome

We are all connected and entwined by our beliefs, hopes and dreams.
My dream is to unite us through our stories. By using a kaleidescope of colour and texture to celebrate our individuality, strength and fragility .

‘A soft woman is simply a wolf caught in meditation.' - pavana


Original Artwork


Finding beauty in the ordinary… please view my artwork and let me know which ones speak to you.

‘Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it’ - Andy Warhol


Inspired by women like you, some artworks are created in just acrylic and oil paints on canvas.


Still emerging, just needs more time.

Entwining textures and materials like feathers, thread, sand and gold/silver leaf.

Lover of All Things Creative


Hello, I’m Ruth and I’m addicted to Pinterest and YouTube channels about minimalism and decluttering (I live in clutter and dream of being one of those women who clean and declutter… it’s never gonna happen!) I am obsessed with recipes for chocolate cake and cinnamon swirls, and have about twenty of each. I love cocktails, dancing, my husband, my dog and all things creative (not necessarily in that order).

In 2017 I discovered that I would rather be painting than doing anything else. Since then I have painted. Alot!

Check out my Instagram feed where I post #foundinmystudio and works in progress.