Grace: A Story of Being Lost and Found

These are the only facts known about Grace. She was one of my earlier pieces, created in February 2016, acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 50cm. Sold, she has lived in Zürich and London and will be in Hamburg by the end of the year.



My inspiration for Grace was found in a vintage black and white bawdy photograph. I was captivated by the angle of the head and how the face was slightly in shadow. I wanted to focus on the angles of her torso and head, and I surrounded her in the blue of sadness and healing.

Looking at her now, I see distorted limbs and ill-proportioned features. But they were all intentional 'mistakes'.

I wanted to express the idea that our self-perception is often distorted.

Grace was a reflection of that self-misinterpretation; she had lost sight of who she was. There was no strong line that defined her, no constant that she could grasp to ground her. She became lost.

No one wants to be lost. It leads to a panicked search for something familiar to hold on to, so I gave Grace a tattoo to trace. A lotus flower; an Egyptian symbol of rebirth and a reminder that beautiful things can flower even when surrounded by mud.

I hope that Grace used that tattoo as an anchor to find herself again. And, to hold onto at least one thing that hardly changes about herself, that is positive, and also a fact.